Staff Advisor Greg Cotterill is our only professional staff member and has been working the local radio landscape since 1980.


Greg manages virtually every aspect of keeping both WEOS and WHWS running; including news reporting, operations, music organization, student management and promotions.  He received his bachelor’s degree in radio and television from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, and has worked at local radio stations ever since.  In addition to WEOS/WHWS, he does the morning news for the Finger Lakes Radio Group (1240AM/ 96.1 FM WGVA, Geneva).   On campus he has also served as an HWS Common Ground instructor and is generally the “den mother” to all the WHWS students.  Pictured above at Barton Hall at Cornell University waiting for a Furthur show to begin!



Program Director (Student General Manager):
Maddie MacDowell, William Smith ’18

WHWS always makes sure to hand-select the perfect Station Manager each year. Those who want to become Station Manager must undergo a rigorous exam, interview, and physical challenge. Our very own Maddie MacDowell passed this process with flying colors.

Maddie first conquered the exam essay section by writing an extensive hand-written essay on Kitties. Within this essay, Maddie talked about how Kitties can liberate us from the alien overlords which control our government. In the interview process, Maddie continued to talk about Kitties and how she hopes to incorporate Kitties within her managing techniques. Finally, Maddie beat out all other candidates in the physical challenge by unleashing and arms of kittens upon them and claiming her throne as WHWS Station Manager
We always ensure to have a passionate station manager who truly cares about the radio, and Maddie is no exception.Though it may seem her passion for Kitties is much larger than that of the radio, the two are about equal… But she definitely likes Kitties more.
Music Director:
Robert George, Hobart ’19
Ah. Robert George. The boy with two first names.

Rob is still our resident Francophile and one of the two Music Directors at WHWS. He is double majoring in Media & Society and English – so if you see him around campus, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to watch his latest stop-motion animation film! Robert dislikes a majority of humans that he comes into contact with, but don’t take it personally. He also enjoys turtlenecks and decoupage, although not turtlenecks made of decoupage. Rob has two radio shows, Last Solid Records Radio and Back in My Day, both of which are cohosted with his fellow Music Director (and mistaken lover) Austin Kennie. If you tune in, chances are you’ll hear Robert playing a song by The Smiths. Probably “Meat Is Murder”. On lazy Sunday’s, you can find Rob wearing mom jeans, reciting The Office to anyone who will listen, or slapping the bass with his basically famous band disassembly.

Music Director:
Austin Kennie, Hobart ’19

It’s true: Austin Kennie is still one of the most punk rock kids on this campus. Austin studies Media and Society and Philosophy, so yes, he can get deep in thought but also enjoys a good flick. Catch him biking around campus with his guitar on his back because he’s a hard-core rocker who also likes to be sustainable. Austin listens to Ty Segall and Ty Segall. If he’s not in the mood for that he switches it up to a band that goes by the name “Pavement.” Austin likes Batman. Feel free to stop Austin on his bike around campus to have a quick chat before he departs next semester to the greatest place on Earth (Galway, Ireland). While in Ireland, Austin will become an actual leprechaun, ditch the guitar to take up fiddle, and hang out with old men outside pubs while not wearing shoes. (Still gets mistaken for being in a relationship with Robert George.)
Co-Coordinator of Social Media:

Laurel Brown, William Smith ‘18

Smooth both on the ice and on air, Anthropology and Writing & Rhetoric double major Laurel Brown is a force to be reckoned with. Catch her in the studio making some sick playlists, at home watching The Office, or playing with her beloved puppy dog Gimli. Although she seems too cool for school (which she IS), Laurel is one of the sweetest people on campus and you’d be lucky to get to know her. Plus, she’ll be there for all of your tie-dye emergencies and photography needs. When not working at the station, Laurel can be found organizing some sweet concerts with Soundshare, saving lives as a lifeguard at the Bristol Pool, or sharing her wisdom as an Anthro Teaching Fellow. Still from Cleveland, Ohio and still sans glasses, Laurel is an A+ chick with a knack for social media and all things music.
Co-Coordinator of Social Media:
Jordan Raivel, William Smith ‘20
Jordan is a young state that occupies an ancient land, one that bears the traces of many civilizations. The ancient biblical kingdoms of MoabGilead, and Edom lie within her borders, as does the famed red stone city of Petra, the capital of the Nabatean kingdom and of the Roman province of Arabia Petraea. She has been an independent nation since 1946. Though she may be situated in the desert, that does not mean she is without her fresh water sources. She’s also quite liberal, and her rulers maintain a commitment to peace and stability. Oh, the Jordan from the radio? While she may not have the same historically significant past as her national namesake, she is dedicated to the study of history. Heck, I bet she’d even enjoy a chance to study the anthropological significance of Petra! Even though Jordan lost a war against Israel in 1967, the 60’s are our Jordan’s favorite decade. While I’ve never met anyone from Jordan, I hope they’re as kind, sweet, and jovial as our Jordan; that would be pretty swell.Videographer, Social Media Team Member

Kelly Kenlon, William Smith ‘18


Kelly Kenlon was a corgi in another life. She is an English major who studied abroad in Galway, Ireland this past year. When she is not broadcasting, she can be found obsessing over coffee, reciting screenplays of The Office verbatim, and whipping up articles for The HWS Martini. Tune on in to her broadcasts of Peanut Butter Kelly Time Mondays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. !!



Stop by our studio in Scandling Center next to the Post Office to sign-up for a show and receive the proper equipment-training. Training takes no more than an hour, and we’ll cover all the basic technical issues and FCC requirements. At the end of your training session, you’ll get a copy of the WHWS Student Handbook, and a simple take-home test. Read the Handbook, answer the test questions, and e-mail your answers to the Program Director. They will provide you with our DJ schedule so you can pick a broadcasting time — and then you’ll be off to the races!


Volunteer or Work at WHWS!

If you are a Hobart or William Smith Colleges student, you can volunteer at WHWS in a variety of roles. No previous experience required, just an enthusiasm for radio and good time-management skills. Contact the Program Director for more information and read about the available positions below!

  • Program Director (student General Manager): the (student) “boss” of all over positions.
  • Music Director: handles all incoming music and keeps new stuff coming in.
  • News Director: reports newscasts and manages news team.
  • Promotions Director: handles all non-broadcast events, plus staff for live, remote broadcasts (Plus promotional swag, website and social media).

STAFF: These are non-managerial positions. All are equally important in providing a quality radio product to our listeners and fans!

  • Assistant Music Director: help the MD handle all the music reviewing/categorizing.
  • Assistant Promotions Director / Live Event Engineer: help the Promo Director.
  • Community Calendar Coordinator: organize incoming arts/culture/events calendar submissions and record them into the Enco Automation system for playback.
  • Newscaster: research, report and record audio newscasts for our 12 daily newscasts.
  • Sportscaster: provide live color commentary for our 100+ live sportscasts of HWS athletics.

STAFF (special): Certain staff positions have unique characteristics and thus are categorized separately.

  • On-Air DeeJay (DJ) Play music, announce tracks, and provide a coherent, entertaining hour of programming on the airwaves.
  • Talk Show Host: Similar to DJ, but host a weekly talk show, subject to certain restrictions.

INTERNSHIPS Internships for credit are available, but not guaranteed, to HWS students. Internships are coordinated with WXXI and travel to their studios in Rochester is required for part of the internship.There are several internships specific to various operations within a radio and TV station. For more information, contact HWS Career Services.