Underwriting: Promote Your Business or Event!

Are you a local business or organization trying to let HWS students know about your business?  Or a HWS student group that wants to reach the HWS student body?  Hoping to attract professors and staff to be your customers? Want to let HWS sports fans know about your organization?

If you’re trying to reach the HWS community, there’s no better way!  WHWS is the only radio station that has:
  • On-Campus Promotion: Daily exposure to the majority of the student body via digital billboards on campus plus access to on-campus mailings.
  • Live Broadcasts:  Fridays at the Scandling Café – the weekly live broadcasts from the student center.
  • HWS Sports: Over 100 regular-season sports broadcasts, plus an average of 20-30 post-season games.
  • Cross-Media Promotion: WHWS is the only station regularly featured in both on-campus newspapers The Herald and Martini, as well as the HWS Daily Update web blog regularly-read by all faculty and staff.
  • Student Involvement:  WHWS has dozens of students right on-staff that get direct exposure to your message.
For more information: contact Greg Cotterill at (315) 781-3186 or check out our

Most of the time, when you think radio, you think “advertising”.  But WHWS is non-commercial, so it’s a little different.  We call it “underwriting”.  It’s less commercial, but more memorable.  It leverages the inherent trust our listeners have in WHWS to provide a quality radio product.

So what does that mean?  It means our underwriting spots are simple and to the point:

  • “Support for WHWS provided by the Hobart Anime Club, with screenings every Thursday in Albright Auditorium.  Online at people.hws.edu/anime”
  • “Support for WHWS is provided by Solomon Family Chiropractic.  If you’re an HWS student athlete or just an HWS student, and you have any kind of muscle, joint, neck or back pain, Soloman Family Chiropractic can help.  Student health insurance accepted, and taxi service is available from Hubbs Health Center.  315-789-2602.”
  • HWS Sports on WHWS is supported by Amy Kane State Farm Insurance Company.  590 Pre-Emption Road in Geneva, or online at amykaneagency.com”

Part of the rules about “underwriting” vs. “advertising” are direct from the FCC, like certain words, phrases, or styles we cannot say.  Please visit www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/nature.html for more info in general, and contact us for specifics – we can help you craft a spot that gets your message across most effectively to our listeners!


All HWS Student Activities get a 75% discount off our normal rates for Scandling and Boswell underwriting packages.  See our underwriting rate sheet for details.