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Click here to listen to WHWS-LP 105.7FM (We’re working on getting the player to show up on this page).

WHWS broadcasts with 100 watts from a tower on top of the Winn-Seeley Gymnasium on the Hobart and William Smith Colleges campus in Geneva, New York, on the north shore of Seneca Lake, largest of the Finger Lakes.  The signal reaches approximately 10 to 15 miles out from Geneva, covering Waterloo, Seneca Falls, Phelps, and parts of Penn Yan, Clifton Springs, Ovid, and Canandaigua.

Map courtesy of CRC-WEB

Click the map at left for a full-size coverage map of WHWS.  Red is “strong reception” where almost any radio should pick up WHWS.  Blue is “normal reception” where most radios should hear 105.7 clearly.  Grey is “fringe reception” and may require a higher quality antenna and/or radio.  Please note, this map is an approximation of coverage, and that local terrain, weather conditions, quality of radio/antenna, and a host of other factors can affect perceived reception of WHWS.  Some areas that show good coverage may not be good for you and your radio, and some areas that show no coverage may be just fine.

Over 50,000 people live within WHWS’s broadcast range, plus the approximately 2000 students and 300 staff of HWS.

WHWS is licensed with the FCC as a LP100-Class “LPFM” (Low Power FM) station.  The license is held by Hobart and William Smith Colleges.