Live at the Scandling Cafe!

Every Friday As Many Weekdays as We Can Get Away With, but Always on Fridays from 11am to 1pm, join WHWS as we broadcast LIVE from the Cafe in the Scandling Student Center on the HWS Campus.   Our roving rotation of rampaging DJ’s spin the tunes and talk with their friends, colleagues, professors and total strangers – no one in Scandling is safe!

Stop on by and make a request, give a shout-out, or just gripe on-air!
(please note: LATSC does not broadcast during student vacations or summer/winter breaks)

Think YOU have what it takes to be a FATSC DJ?

  • Do you love music? 
  • Do you love to talk? 
  • Do you love to play music loud in public?  
  • Do you love to talk to total strangers?

Then being a FATSC DJ is for YOU!

Sign up at the Opening General Meeting for WHWS, held at the beginning of every semester.  There will be e-mails sent to allstudents about it, and postings on our homepage and Facebook page.   Or just contact our Program Director.

Are you a musician looking for airtime?
We like having musicians come by and play a little on-air, too.  It has to be a stripped-down acoustic set, though.  Singers and guitars or a cappella is the order of the day as our setup is not complex enough to handle a full instrument set, and we can’t get too loud anyways!   But check in with our Program Director to schedule a time!


  • Spring 2009: Lauren W. and Grace H. of Conduce This!
  • Fall 2009: Jordunn J. of Razz
  • Spring 2010: Lindsay B. of That’s Not What She Said and Hazel M.
  • Fall 2010: Lindsay B. of That’s Not What She Said, Jordunn J. of Razz, Hazel M., and Lynda Starr of The Lynda Starr Show
  • Spring 2011: Annie D. and Lynda Starr of The Lynda Starr Show