Webcast is Fixed

Not sure what happened there…our account with Live365.com (our webcast hosting firm) switched from “live broadcast”  (simulcasting our FM radio broadcast) to “uploaded playlist”.  Since we don’t have any uploaded playlists (and normally wouldn’t have any), the system just played the default playlist…which is a loop saying it’s trying to connect.

Anyways, it’s fixed as of 1am on Sunday.  Apologies for the inconvenience!

Geneva Red Wings Baseball on WHWS!

Coming this summer, WHWS 105.7FM will bring you all home games of the Geneva Red Wings – the local NYCBL (college baseball league) team. Tune in to hear tomorrow’s superstars today!

We will have a doubleheader exhibition game broadcast starting on Tuesday, June 9th at 5pm vs. the ECBL Rome Thunderbolts. We’ll be trying out a lot of new things, so bear with us!

First regular-season game is June 11th at 7:30pm!
Check out the full schedule here:

Live Webcast: please note that, for contractual reasons, during live baseball games the regular WHWS webcast will play our regular music feed. To listen to Red Wings games on the web, visit TeamLine.CC.

Webcast is Active for Sports Games

For legal/licensing reasons, we can’t webcast all our programming on WHWS quite yet. However, we do have permission to webcast our sports contests! So for all sports games carried on WHWS, click on one of the icons on the right to launch the webcast in the appropriate player.

During non-sports broadcasting, the webcast will just be silent. If you hear silence during a game, please call 315-781-3809 and ask the engineer if the webcast is set as “active” on the mix board.

Of course, due to the sports schedule, only William Smith Lacrosse (home) games will be heard on WHWS for the remainder of this semester; Hobart basketball is done for the season (drat!) and William Smith basketball is in the NCAA tournament and therefore games are on WEOS. First WS lacrosse home game at McCooey Field is on Tuesday April 1st @ 5pm vs. Cortland…join us then!

Where’s the WHWS Web Stream?

Some folks has asked us where the web stream is for our shiny new radio product on WHWS? Well, from a technical perspective, we’re ready to go. Unfortunately, there are significant licensing issues to overcome before we can legally start webcasting, and several of the entities we have to get authorization from are not being terribly responsive to our queries (odd, since we’re trying to give them money).

The short version is that we’re trying to get it up and running as quickly as possible, and we hope to have it within a few months, if not a few weeks.

Now in Stereo!

The 105.7 signal is now broadcasting in stereo.

In other news, we’re in the process of receiving authorization from the FCC to officially change our call letters from “WSAC-LP” to “WHWS-LP”. The broadcast studio is about 80% put together as well…I hope to have webcasting up and running within a few weeks.