DJ PROFILE: Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos

Name(s): Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos
Show Name: Secret Strawberry
Show Time: Thursdays @ 9 PM
Class Year: 2017
Destroyed my suite’s carpet for this tapestry.
Favorite Genre:
Ethan – Alternative
Kayla – “Anything quiet and melancholy.” 
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Ethan: In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith
Kayla: Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes
Other Involvements on Campus:
Ethan: Chi Phi, Concert Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, Assistant to the Music Director aka Sillicat
Kayla: Randazzles Soccer Co-Captain, Human Rights and Genocide Symposium, WHWS Promotions Director, SJSP Cohort, Fieldhouse Employee (catch me at the gym setting up tennis courts for hours)

What is your favorite word?
Ethan: “Obligatory.”
Kayla: “Clandestine.”
What is your least favorite word?
Ethan: “Flume.”
Kayla: “Crick.”
What would you want your tombstone to say?
Ethan: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
Kayla: “Hasta, Cutie Cats.”
How would you describe your show?
Ethan: “Actually heinous (Shia LaBeouf) but maintaining a fun & festive balance.”
Kayla: “Sad music occasionally ft. the plethora of bizarre bands and rappers from my suburban high school.” 
What’s your animal spirit?
Ethan: “Walrus.”
Kayla: “A fox.”

MOVED TO SUNDAY! The Big Fein Daddy Benefit Concert!

Saturday April 16th at 2:30pm 
SUNDAY APRIL 17th @ 1:30pm
on the HWS Quad it’s the Big Fein Daddy live benefit concert featuring The Chris Nathan Band.   Now at a new date/time due to rain in the forecast for Saturday.

It’s an incredible concert in memory of Hobart Lacrosse legend Jon Feinstein, whose passion was finding ways to make life better for children in need.  $5 donations are appreciated, proceeds will help provide medical care to children without health insurance, treated at Geneva General Hospital.   Featuring the Chris Nathan Band, music director Michael Mancini and the “Fein Daddy Horns” – the amazing members of the horn section from Southside Johnny, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, led by Tommy Labella.

Find out more at or call (315)787-4050 or (315)781-3513.


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LIVE at the SCANDLING CAFE – First Week of Class

Jordunn Joubert WS’13

Stop by the Scandling Center to rock out with WHWS as we go LIVE FROM THE SCANDLING CAFE  on Wednesday Jan.19th from 11am – 1pm.

We’ll be giving away tons of free swag: t-shirts, magnets, coffee mugs – and asking everyone what THEY did over their winter break!  Come boast of your exploits!  Embarrass your friends!  Shame your rivals!

(and join us every Friday from 11am-1pm as we broadcast Fridays at the Scandling Cafe – same thing as Wednesday’s show, just every Friday!)

MLK, Jr & Gandhi – Bringing Communities Together

Tune in Thursday Jan.20th at 6pm for a special live broadcast from Saga Cafeteria in the Scandling Center!

Hosted by Youdlyn “Lynda Starr” Moreau, it will focus on Martin Luther King Jr. Week and Gandhi and their efforts toward bringing together the community!  She will be singing some hymns and playing some MLK/civil rights and Indian songs. Lynda will also be interviewing faculty and students as well as potentially playing MLK Trivia.

LIVE AT THE SCANDLING CAFE – 11am to 1pm – first week of class!

Join WHWS for Fridays Live at the Scandling Cafe as we broadcast live from the Scandling Center’s Fireplace Lounge (between the Scandling Cafe and the main entrance to the Center) from 11am to 1pm every weekday the first week of class.  That’s Monday August 30th through Friday September 3rd.

Speaking of Friday, Friday afternoon we’ll be on the Quad for Involvement Expo!  Come see us there!

No matter what day it is, we’ll be live on 105.7, playing requests, interviewing folks, hosting open mic, and – of course – giving away free swag.  C’mon, everyone loves a free t-shirt!   And hey, maybe we can convince FATSC host Lindsay B. to tango with her boyfriend again!  🙂   If you’re an HWS student, you’ve got no excuse!  Get over to the Scandling Center for lunch and hang out with WHWS!

Broadcasting LIVE from the Quad BBQ & Battle of the Colleges!

Come see WHWS live on the air!

Come join WHWS live on the Hobart Quad for the annual Orientation B-B-Q!   Saturday August 28th from 5:30 – 6:30pm.   Rain location will be Saga Dining Hall in the Scandling Center.   We’ll be broadcasting live from the field and giving away music and swag!

And make sure you load up your plate so you’ll be ready for the BATTLE OF THE COLLEGES at the Bristol Field House (next to the new Boswell Football Field), also Saturday August 28th from 7:00 – 11:00pm where the men Hobart  take on the women of William Smith in a variety of silly events to see which College takes home the trophy!   Wear closed-toe sneakers with socks if possible, and be prepared to be humilated live on 105.7 as we broadcast from the event!  🙂

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HWS Open House – part deux!

Round two of the HWS Open House is this Saturday April 24th and WHWS will be blowing your mind with free swag and loud music at the Scandling Center.

Join us in Saga cafeteria from 12:15-1:15pm, then 1:15 – 3pm we’ll be out in the Fireplace Lounge, same place we do Fridays at the Scandling Cafe every week!