DJ PROFILE: Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos

Name(s): Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos
Show Name: Secret Strawberry
Show Time: Thursdays @ 9 PM
Class Year: 2017
Destroyed my suite’s carpet for this tapestry.
Favorite Genre:
Ethan – Alternative
Kayla – “Anything quiet and melancholy.” 
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Ethan: In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith
Kayla: Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes
Other Involvements on Campus:
Ethan: Chi Phi, Concert Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, Assistant to the Music Director aka Sillicat
Kayla: Randazzles Soccer Co-Captain, Human Rights and Genocide Symposium, WHWS Promotions Director, SJSP Cohort, Fieldhouse Employee (catch me at the gym setting up tennis courts for hours)

What is your favorite word?
Ethan: “Obligatory.”
Kayla: “Clandestine.”
What is your least favorite word?
Ethan: “Flume.”
Kayla: “Crick.”
What would you want your tombstone to say?
Ethan: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
Kayla: “Hasta, Cutie Cats.”
How would you describe your show?
Ethan: “Actually heinous (Shia LaBeouf) but maintaining a fun & festive balance.”
Kayla: “Sad music occasionally ft. the plethora of bizarre bands and rappers from my suburban high school.” 
What’s your animal spirit?
Ethan: “Walrus.”
Kayla: “A fox.”

DJ PROFILE: James Silliman

Name(s): James Silliman

Show Name: Garth After Dark

Day of Show: Monday@10 PM

Class Year: 2016 (We’re sad about this fact – Kayla & Ethan)

Favorite Genre: “Anything that rocks.”

Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: The Antlers Album that James scrawled and no one can read.

Other Involvements on Campus:
Music Director and Jazz & Percussion Ensemble.

Favorite Word: Feels.
Least Favorite Word: “yep / yup.” Purely based on the sound.

What would you want your tombstone to say?
“Shake it, shake it Sugare, just don’t tell you knew me.”

How would you describe your show?
“A glimpse into the window at night.”

What is your animal spirit?