WHWS Staff – Return your Keycards!

Keycards look like this!

All WHWS staff must return their keycards before they leave for the summer.  The deadline is no later than Tuesday May 10th (same day the dorms close).   If you need your card later than that, talk to Greg Cotterill.

Return keycards to the manila envelope on the wall just inside the main (rear) door.

And seriously folks, we don’t have a lot of spare cards left and it’s both expensive and difficult to get new cards, so DON’T FORGET TO RETURN THEM!!!

No Parking at WHWS

To all visitors coming to WHWS: starting Thursday 4/21 and lasting a least a couple of days, Hobart & William Smith Colleges will be re-grading our parking lot and fixing a lot of the potholes.  This means nobody can park in our lot.

Instead, please park in the Scandling lot, adjacent to ours (entrance is off of Pulteney Street).

(see Google Maps)

WHWS Wants YOU! (yes, we still do!)

Join the Party today – click here!

Couldn’t make the meeting on Jan.19th?  No problem – head over to our STAFF page and click the “SIGN UP FORM to JOIN” green button.   This goes for all returning WHWS staff as well as anyone new to WHWS!

Then, only for new volunteers, go ahead and schedule a training session by clicking the blue “Schedule Training” button.

For all DJ’s that have signed up and submitted their forms for Spring 2011, shows start Monday Jan.24th  

Opening General Meeting – for all NEW and RETURNING STAFF!

WED. JANUARY 19th @ 8PM 
in COXE HALL rm.008
(Yes, that’s the first day of class…deal with it!)

Underwriting on WHWS – Reach your Target Market!

  • Are you a local business looking to reach the HWS community?
  • Are you a student group looking to raise awareness about your group and its events?
  • Are you an HWS department looking to interact with the Geneva community?


Learn more about how your message can be heard on our airwaves and reach a wide variety of local audiences, and for very reasonable rates!   Student Group discounts available!

Contact Greg Cotterill at (315) 781-3186 or via e-mail

WHWS – Join the Best Radio Station on Campus!

If you couldn’t make last night’s Opening General Meeting for WHWS, don’t fret! You can still sign up to be involved with Hobart and William Smith College Radio!

Just go to the STAFF page and click the blue “Sign Up Form” button. If you’re signing up with a friend, make sure EACH of you fill out your own form.

Then, if you’re a new student to WHWS, sign up for a training session using the green “Schedule Training” button. Training takes about an hour or so, and is held at the WHWS studios at 113 Hamilton St. (near the corner of Pulteney St and Rtes 5 & 20)

You’ll also want to get in touch with our Program Director (and Student General Manager) Vienna Farlow via our contact page.

Uncle Sam wants YOU to join WHWS!

Your Colleges’ radio station needs you!  WHWS is Hobart and William Smith College Radio and that means it’s student-run radio.   Students are the DJ’s.  Students are the management.  It’s by students, for students!

So how can you be involved?  Find out!  Come to the Opening General Meeting!

7:00PM in Coxe Hall Rm.008

See this Event on our Facebook Group!

No previous experience required – we’ll train you!  All you need is a sense of fun!  Just bring yourself to the meeting – we’ll do a short presentation about the station, answer any questions, have you fill out a quick one-page form telling us when you want a show, and get you signed up for training.   Training takes an hour or two, and then you’re on your way to broadcasting to the masses!

  • Are you the friend that always has the latest new spins that you’re pushing on all your friends?
  • Do you just love to talk?  I mean, like non-stop for six hours about anything and everything?
  • Are you an HWS sports fan?  You’ll go see every game no matter the place or the weather?
  • Are you bent on ruling the world and you recognize that controlling the media is an important first step?

If you said YES to any of these, then WHWS is for YOU!

Whether you just want to come in and play music for an hour, or whether you want to be a sportscaster on any one of a 100 games (plus playoffs!) every season, or maybe you love to ham it up and perform on the public stage?   WHWS has a role for you!   Plus we have management jobs for people looking to gain valuable experience towards a career in radio or communications, and earn a few bucks along the way.

If you have questions, feel free to CONTACT THE PROGRAM DIRECTOR ahead of the meeting!

Come Visit the WHWS Studios!

If you’re an HWS student and you’re interested in 105.7FM WHWS, but you want to learn more?  Stop by our studios and say hi! 

We’re around most days from 11am to 6 or 7pm, or by appointment if you call 315-781-3456.  Our studios are in a brown house on Routes 5 & 20, near the intersection with Pulteney Street.  We’ve got two big satellite dishes behind the house, and visible from the Scandling Parking lot.

We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or just chat about whatever suits your fancy.  We’ll probably even give you some free swag!

Come be the man behind the curtain – visit WHWS and sign up to be a DJ!

Daylight Saving Time begins this Sunday at 2:00AM!

Don’t forget the phrase spring forward / fall back and to set your clocks ahead one hour before you go to sleep on Saturday night! Yes, you lose an hour of sleep, but at least the sun “sets an hour later” than it has been and I think we’ll all take any sign of spring that we can get!

The official changeover is at 2am, meaning that clocks skip from 1:59:59AM to 3:00:00AM. This will mean WHWS will “go to Radio Bilingue” an hour early this Sunday.

If you’re so inclined, you can read up on the history of DST on wikipedia!