DJ Profiles — Jordan Raivel

Meet our amazing DJ and WHWS Staff Member, Jordan!

What is she studying?

Jordan is a double major in the lovely studies of Anthropology and History!

Where is she from?

You can find Jordan kicking it in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland!

What class year is she?

She is a sassy sophomore and is planning to graduate in 2020.

Astrological Sign???

Jordan is our Scorpio Socialite and is always ready to meet new people 🙂

When’s her show, and what’s it called?

You can catch her show “That’s So Raivel” on Sundays at 6pm!

What’s her show all about?

“Just me in the studio (occasionally with friends!) playing whatever jams I’m into that week (probably Peach Pit but what’s new) with a 60s song or two :)”

What would she have written on their tombstones?

“You know how many dead people there are in this graveyard? All of ’em.”

What 1 artist would Jordan listen to for the rest of eternity?

Peach Pit 🍑

Favorite planet??


Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

“cam’s duh”


DJ Profiles — Peter Hammel

Meet Peter, one of our WHWS DJs!

What is he studying?

Peter is a double major in Music and Writing & Rhetoric.

Where is he from?

Arlington, Massachusetts is his hometown.

What class year is he?

Peter is a SENIOR and will be graduating in 2018!!

Astrological Sign???

While Peter is a Pisces — a cool, creative water sign — his proximity to the fire sign Aries makes him stubborn and surprisingly competitive.

When’s his show, and what’s it called?

For all you Night Owls, Peter’s show “This Is Happening” airs every Thursday @ 11pm!

What’s his show all about?

When asked for a brief overview of his radio show, Pete responded, “I play, and this is definitely happening.”

What would he have written on his tombstone?

“Bowie made an album about him dying so no one can really out do that, right?”

What 1 artist would he listen to for the rest of eternity?

Peter wisely chose LCD Soundsystem.

Favorite planet??

“Uranus.” Classic.

Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

“Mark’s, but only at like 1am.”

Who is the Soul Eraser?

By Laurel Brown


Have you listened in to our newest DJ, the Soul Eraser? Well we were lucky to contact him for an interview in order to learn a little more about him and his radio show!

Q: How did the Soul Eraser come about?

A: “I came up with the persona this semester before starting WHWS again. Since I started doing radio my fall of Freshman year, I’ve always been trying to improve the quality of my show and get more creative with it. One thing I realized is that I get sort of self-conscious while trying to speak into the mic, and I would always come off as a little awkward. I think the persona gives me a little buffer, and it allows me to become another figure that is not just [me] doing radio. It makes me more comfortable speaking on air and it lets me have fun with the audience too. The name comes from a Grouper song.”

Q: Would you consider it a persona, a character, an entity, a mood even?​

A: “I would say that the Soul Eraser is more of an ethereal being. I like to imagine him as a ghostly figure who haunts the airwaves, and can’t really be reached unless you tune into the show. I’m a very spiritual person and I find listening to music to be very connected to my spirit too. The Soul Eraser allows me to express my music taste in a way that comes straight from my heart without the constraints of human consciousness.”

Q: What kind of topics do you discuss on your show? What kind of music do you play?

A: “I mainly talk about the music as is and what kind of feelings it conveys to me. I like playing Ambient, Post-Rock, and any sort of moody or emotional guitar-orientated music. The music I’m really into is typically very dramatic and melancholy, which I think matches the late-night hour really well too.

Q: What is your goal in approaching broadcasting from this perspective?

A: “My goal with this is to explore my capabilities as a DJ and a creative. I think my show and my vision has always been unique. I also love picturing the image of some random person flipping through the stations at night, coming across some heavy drone track, having the cackling voice of The Soul Eraser follow, and just being totally thrown off. That’s something you would never hear on the radio! I like coming into the space of radio and just totally dropping it on its head.

Q: Do you ever invite/plan to invite guests on your show?

A: “I experimented with having guests on my show before, but I think I prefer doing my show alone. I like being in control of the atmosphere, and carefully planning which track should follow which. I treat the show as my own personal space where I can express myself as I want.”

Q: Favorite part about WHWS radio?!

A: “I love everything about WHWS. I think it’s a really great outlet for students on this campus who want to let their creative and musical voices ring out. Going through everyone’s playlist and getting to see everyone’s selections is so beautiful to me. I think music taste says a lot about people, and having a space like WHWS where students can come and choose what they want to broadcast is truly amazing. Being able to listen to and share music is a gift.”

Q: What should listeners be prepared for before tuning into your show?

A: “Do not expect a typical college radio show. The Soul Eraser takes you on a sacred journey that will be sure to open your Third Eye.”

Q: Any other important comments about your show/persona?

A: “Listen at your own risk.”

Intrigued? So are we! Be sure to tune in to WHWS 105.7 FM on Wednesdays at 10 pm to listen to The Soul Eraser Hour!

DJ Profile — Syd Gomez!

Name: Syd Gomez

Class year: 2017

Show name/time: Live with Syd

Show description: A little piece of me I’m sharing with you

Majors/minors: Psychology major, Spanish and Media & Society minors

Favorite heavy rotation song/album: n/a

What would you have written on your tombstone?: She lived

Hogwarts house?: Probs Slytherin

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?: Converse all day!! I love Chuck T.

DJ PROFILE: Grace Bugbee

Name(s): Grace Bugbee
Show Name: Bugzbeatz
Show Time: Thusdays @ 2 PM
Class Year: 2016
Favorite Genre:
“Alternative / Indie / Weo-Soul Funk”
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
“Nabuma Rubberband” – Little Dragon
“Black Messiah” – D’Angelo
Other Involvements on Campus:
“HWS Tennis Club, HWS Guitar Ensemble, Student Band”
What is your favorite word?
“Labrinth and Jolly.”
What is your least favorite word?
“LOL, if that counts.”

What would you want your tombstone to say?
“C’est La Vie”
How would you describe your show?
“I play a wide variety of genres and I tend to lean towards sexy/smooth jams and eclectic/unique voices. I re-visit old classic rock tunes one moment but then drastically might switch it up to an electro-indie jam with an extra slinky bass line. I’m also a fan of throwing world music in the mix as well. Always keeping my listeners guessing. I also try to give updates on local music and film events happening in Geneva/upstate area.”
What’s your animal spirit?

DJ PROFILE: Ryan Tinklepaugh

Name(s): Ryan Tinklepaugh
Show Name: The Naked Reality
Show Time: Mondays @ 4 PM
Class Year: 2016
Favorite Genre:
“No favorite.” (Editor’s Note: It’s actually screamo)
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Among the Wildest Things
Other Involvements on Campus:
Chi Phi, German Club, Career Assistant, Randazzles Soccer
What is your favorite word?
“Pequito is my favorite because of the story behind it.”
What is your least favorite word?

What would you want your tombstone to say?
How would you describe your show?
“Feel good jam music.”
What’s your animal spirit?

DJ PROFILE: Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos

Name(s): Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos
Show Name: Secret Strawberry
Show Time: Thursdays @ 9 PM
Class Year: 2017
Destroyed my suite’s carpet for this tapestry.
Favorite Genre:
Ethan – Alternative
Kayla – “Anything quiet and melancholy.” 
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Ethan: In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith
Kayla: Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes
Other Involvements on Campus:
Ethan: Chi Phi, Concert Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, Assistant to the Music Director aka Sillicat
Kayla: Randazzles Soccer Co-Captain, Human Rights and Genocide Symposium, WHWS Promotions Director, SJSP Cohort, Fieldhouse Employee (catch me at the gym setting up tennis courts for hours)

What is your favorite word?
Ethan: “Obligatory.”
Kayla: “Clandestine.”
What is your least favorite word?
Ethan: “Flume.”
Kayla: “Crick.”
What would you want your tombstone to say?
Ethan: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
Kayla: “Hasta, Cutie Cats.”
How would you describe your show?
Ethan: “Actually heinous (Shia LaBeouf) but maintaining a fun & festive balance.”
Kayla: “Sad music occasionally ft. the plethora of bizarre bands and rappers from my suburban high school.” 
What’s your animal spirit?
Ethan: “Walrus.”
Kayla: “A fox.”

DJ PROFILE: Wyatt Pearson & Maddie MacDowell

Name(s): Maddie MacDowell & Wyatt Pearson
Show Name: Skyspace
Day of Show: Monday @ 5 PM

Class Year: Maddie – 2018, Wyt – 2017

Favorite Genre: Maddie – Alternative, Wyt – EDM

Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: Maddie – “The Perfect Life by Moby,” Wyt – “Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour”

Other Involvements on Campus: Maddie – Art History Society, Arts Collective, Women’s Collective, William Smith Congress, Seneca Flyers Frisbee, Days of Service Club, Thel, and any other clubs / extracurriculars that I can participate. Wyt – “Blank”

 Favorite Word: Maddie: “‘Sonder’ for Emma Link of WHWS’s THE Looking Glass (go ahead and google it, or better yet, go find Emma Link and ask her) or ‘stellar’.” Wyt: “Jelly.”

Least Favorite Word: Maddie: “Innuendo” Wyt: “Gelatin.” 

What would you want your tombstone to say?
Maddie: “Here lies the victim of a tragic hoverboard accident.”

Wyt: “Wyatt Earp.”

How would you describe your show?
Maddie: “We’re two kids who really dig the film ‘Labyrinth’. The rest of the show just sort of fills itself in from there.”

Wyt: “As if Hillary Clinton and R. Kelly had a child, and he had a radio show.”

What is your animal spirit?
Maddie: “I’m going to say… a baby giraffe that doesn’t quite have a handle on being able to walk yet.”
Wyt: “Probably, like, a cross between a monkey and a whale.”

DJ PROFILE: Iun Martell

Name(s): Iun Martell
Show Name: (Apparently Iun does not want a show name)
Show Time: Tuesdays @ 9 PM
Class Year: 2017

Favorite Genre:
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Other Involvements on Campus:
House Manager of Arts Collective, Randazzles Soccer Goalie
What is your favorite word?
What is your least favorite word?

“Do you think I should manspread as a political statement?” Actual Quote.
What would you want your tombstone to say?
How would you describe your show?
What’s your animal spirit?