Where’s the WHWS Web Stream?

Some folks has asked us where the web stream is for our shiny new radio product on WHWS? Well, from a technical perspective, we’re ready to go. Unfortunately, there are significant licensing issues to overcome before we can legally start webcasting, and several of the entities we have to get authorization from are not being terribly responsive to our queries (odd, since we’re trying to give them money).

The short version is that we’re trying to get it up and running as quickly as possible, and we hope to have it within a few months, if not a few weeks.

Signal Issue with the Cold & Show

Sometimes when we get a certain combination of cold and snow at our transmitter site (on the HWS campus) then ice will form on the antenna itself. This causes the signal strength to significantly degrade until the ice melts. It doesn’t happen all that often considering this is upstate New York, but it seems like it was happening earlier this week.

We apologize for the degraded signal…and if it happens often enough we’ll start looking into solutions (either antenna heaters or radomes a.k.a. antenna slipcovers).

Now in Stereo!

The 105.7 signal is now broadcasting in stereo.

In other news, we’re in the process of receiving authorization from the FCC to officially change our call letters from “WSAC-LP” to “WHWS-LP”. The broadcast studio is about 80% put together as well…I hope to have webcasting up and running within a few weeks.

Welcome to 105.7FM!

Welcome to WHWS-LP, 105.7FM (aka WSAC-LP)…a broadcast service from Hobart and William Smith Colleges to the Latino community of Geneva, New York.

We broadcast with 100 watts from the HWS campus, covering Geneva and most of the surrounding areas. Our schedule is currently provided by the fine folks at Radio Bilingue, but we’ll be expanding it over 2008 to include more cultural programming, more lectures & symposiums from HWS, more sports coverage of the Hobart Statesmen and William Smith Herons.

For the moment we’re still working on a lot of things with the station, so bear with us! Feedback is welcome, send email to read@hws.edu