DJ Profiles — Kelly & Quinn

Meet our radical DJs, Quinn Cullum and Kelly Kenlon!

What are they studying?

Quinn is a double major in English and Media & Society with a minor in Writing Colleagues.
Kelly is an English major and Media & Society minor. She is also on the WHWS staff as our wonderful Videographer, Social Media Promoter, and mastermind behind WHWS Listens!

Where are they from?

Quinn hails from the land of Wayzata in Minnesota, and Kelly is from good ol’ Manhasset, New York.

What class year are they?

Both William Smith women are seniors and will graduate this year, in May 2018!!

Astrological Signs???

Quinn is an energetic Libra, friendly to all!
Kelly is surprisingly a Scorpio, calm and quite dedicated.

When’s their show, and what’s it called?

Their show is Mondays @ 8pm and it’s called “Second Dinner.”

Kelly also has her own show called “Peanut Butter Kelly Time,” which airs Wednesdays @ 8pm!

What’s their show all about?

Kelly described their show “Second Dinner” as “Quinn and I telling awful stories from our weekend that probably should not be broadcasted :)”

As for her other show, Kelly said that “PBKT can and will always be … me talking to myself in the back of Scandling whilst occasionally playing some (clean) Chance the Rapper.”

What would they have written on their tombstones?

Quinn: “Come all without, come all within, you’ll not see nothin'”
Kelly: “it’s been super real guys”

What 1 artist would they each listen to for the rest of eternity?

Quinn chose Atmosphere, while Kelly said that “it’s a three way tie between Chance the rapper, Cher, and Billy Joel.”
Favorite planet??
Both: Pluto (“It’s definitely the cutest and it reminds me of the moon” -Kelly)


Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

Both: Cam’s (“Obviously Cams. Drunk? Cams. Sober? Cams. 2am? Cams. 10am? Cams. Happy? Cams. Sad? Cams. you see the pattern here” -Kelly)

DJ Profiles — Jordan Raivel

Meet our amazing DJ and WHWS Staff Member, Jordan!

What is she studying?

Jordan is a double major in the lovely studies of Anthropology and History!

Where is she from?

You can find Jordan kicking it in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland!

What class year is she?

She is a sassy sophomore and is planning to graduate in 2020.

Astrological Sign???

Jordan is our Scorpio Socialite and is always ready to meet new people 🙂

When’s her show, and what’s it called?

You can catch her show “That’s So Raivel” on Sundays at 6pm!

What’s her show all about?

“Just me in the studio (occasionally with friends!) playing whatever jams I’m into that week (probably Peach Pit but what’s new) with a 60s song or two :)”

What would she have written on their tombstones?

“You know how many dead people there are in this graveyard? All of ’em.”

What 1 artist would Jordan listen to for the rest of eternity?

Peach Pit 🍑

Favorite planet??


Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

“cam’s duh”


The Decemberists Drop New Single, Coming to the Smith Opera House!

If you listen to WHWS, you have heard The Decemberists. Now your chance it see them live is coming later this Spring.    The Decemberists new single “Severed” was released today and can be heard at the top of most hours on WHWS 105.7 FM this evening (1/17) and tomorrow afternoon and evening (1/18).

The other news dropped today is The Decemberists will for the first time ever play The Smith Opera House in Geneva on Monday, April 23, 2018.   Tickets for the show go on sale at The Smith Friday (1/19) at 10am.  The show is expected to sell out, as it is one of the smallest venues the band is playing on their upcoming tour.

The Decemberists explore a new sound with a new producer on their inspired eighth studio album, “I’ll Be Your Girl,” which will be released March 16 on Capitol Records. The acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based band worked with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Lana del Rey) and embraced influences such as Roxy Music and New Order to spark a new creative path, as can be heard on the synth-driven lead single “Severed.”

The Smith Opera House Website

YOU! (yes you) Can Be Featured In Our Weekly Video Series!

Looking for a reason to join the WHWS Radio squad? Well look no further! Not only are we a team of sweet radio peeps who love music (and the sound of our own voices ) but we also love videos! They say video killed the radio star- but in this case, video just made the radio star cooler and much groovier. Each week, we put out a new video as a part of a weekly series called “WHWS Listens!” to showcase new music that has come out that week or that we’ve been listening to in the station.

But here’s the best part: with each video we bother some radio staff member or DJ to awkwardly (or not awkwardly, totally up to you) do an intro for us! These videos surface on Facebook, and tend to get around ten to one million views each week. So remember, if you are passionate about music, secretly wish you were DJing every frat party, or want to make your debut in our video series: now is the time! Check out some of our past intros thanks to our lovely DJs and staff.