WHWS Year In Review


As another year wraps up at WHWS, our attention turns to the albums that defined our year in heavy rotation. While we received many CDs over the course of the past year, only a few were outstanding enough to make their way onto many of our shows. Here’s a little look at what was popular with our DJs this past year:

Of these albums, by far the most popular was 7 by the band Beach House. Released at the beginning of May, this album had enough staying power to remain in heavy rotation all the way until the middle of the fall semester. Notable as the sonically darkest album in the band’s discography, 7 still manages to maintain the characteristically transcendent sound that has allowed Beach House to achieve cult status. If you haven’t heard this album yet, you may want to check out some of its best tracks: “Lemon Glow”, “Drunk in LA”, and “Pay No Mind.”

Released only one month after 7, Moodie by Yuno managed to remain relevant over a long summer of musical releases. This record, with its strong pop sensibilities and integration of indie/emo aesthetics, was a favorite of our indie pop focused radio shows. While maintaining an upbeat aesthetic throughout the majority of its tracks, Moodie
is not a carefree work. It’s thematically centered around a breakup, working through heartbreak, uncertainty, and reflection. This album is definitely worth a listen (especially “Fall In Love” and “So Slow”).

Perhaps the most eccentric artist to make our heavy rotations list this year, Art
d’Ecco’s Trespasser made a big splash upon its mid-October release date. Falling within the genre of weirdo-pop, this Vancouver native’s record combines the aesthetics of glam rock with modern indie sensibilities. Rife with droning guitars and catchy hooks, this record was heavily featured on our indie/rock radio shows. If you’re interested in feeling this album’s undeniable groove, you should check out the standout tracks “Nobody’s Home” and “Mary”.

By far the oldest album on this list, The Houseby Porches came out all the way back in January. A followup to their 2016 album Pool, this album combines the bands distinct synthesizer indie rock with the danceability of house music. Though it’s not without its more reflective tracks (“Understanding” and “Country” for example), the majority of this album is versatile enough to not feel out of place in a dance club or a record store. It’s an addicting record and it’s no surprise that many DJs took to it so passionately. While its best experienced when heard front-to-back, “Find Me”, “Goodbye”, and “Leave the House” were some of the most popular tracks amongst our DJs.

The final album to be heavily featured on our shows this year was, Scout by the band Calpurnia. By combining the current trend of chillwave guitars and the throwback sounds of Weezeresque indie rock, Calpurnia’s debut album was a shoe-in for frequent play. This popularity feels an understatement when you add the fact that Finn Wolfhard, one of the kids from Stranger Things, just so happens to front this band. If you feel so inclined, you should try listening to “Greyhound” or “Blame”.

Looking forward to the year ahead, WHWS is excited for the flood of new albums that
will grace our airwaves. Until then, why not head on over to the listen tab for a taste of good music new and old.

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