DJ Profiles — Jordan Raivel

Meet our amazing DJ and WHWS Staff Member, Jordan!

What is she studying?

Jordan is a double major in the lovely studies of Anthropology and History!

Where is she from?

You can find Jordan kicking it in her hometown Baltimore, Maryland!

What class year is she?

She is a sassy sophomore and is planning to graduate in 2020.

Astrological Sign???

Jordan is our Scorpio Socialite and is always ready to meet new people 🙂

When’s her show, and what’s it called?

You can catch her show “That’s So Raivel” on Sundays at 6pm!

What’s her show all about?

“Just me in the studio (occasionally with friends!) playing whatever jams I’m into that week (probably Peach Pit but what’s new) with a 60s song or two :)”

What would she have written on their tombstones?

“You know how many dead people there are in this graveyard? All of ’em.”

What 1 artist would Jordan listen to for the rest of eternity?

Peach Pit 🍑

Favorite planet??


Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

“cam’s duh”


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