YOU! (yes you) Can Be Featured In Our Weekly Video Series!

Looking for a reason to join the WHWS Radio squad? Well look no further! Not only are we a team of sweet radio peeps who love music (and the sound of our own voices ) but we also love videos! They say video killed the radio star- but in this case, video just made the radio star cooler and much groovier. Each week, we put out a new video as a part of a weekly series called “WHWS Listens!” to showcase new music that has come out that week or that we’ve been listening to in the station.

But here’s the best part: with each video we bother some radio staff member or DJ to awkwardly (or not awkwardly, totally up to you) do an intro for us! These videos surface on Facebook, and tend to get around ten to one million views each week. So remember, if you are passionate about music, secretly wish you were DJing every frat party, or want to make your debut in our video series: now is the time! Check out some of our past intros thanks to our lovely DJs and staff.

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