DJ Profiles — Sarah & Dylan

Meet our amazing DJ duo, Sarah MacKechnie and Dylan Bennett!

What are they studying?

Sarah is a dedicated Art History and Media & Society double major.
Dylan is majoring in Architecture — as well as double minoring in Art History and Studio Art.

Where are they from?

Sarah is from Scarsdale, New York and Dylan is from Annapolis, Maryland.

What class year are they?

Both DJs are currently juniors and plan to graduate in 2019!

Astrological Signs???

Sarah is a definition Cancer — heavy on the humor — while Dylan is a curious Sagittarius!

When’s their show, and what’s it called?

They’re show is called “This Music is Bad For You” and it airs Wednesday @ 5pm!
Dylan also has his own solo show, Thursdays @ 5pm.

What’s their show all about?

Sarah warned, “Ask ur doc before listening.”
In Dylan’s words, it’s all about “Providing the youth with adequate bad influences and inspiring poor life choices such as starting a band and/or reading Pitchfork.”

What would they have written on their tombstones?

Sarah: “i’m going ghost”
Dylan: “Wait, did he want to be cremated?”

What 1 artist would they listen to for the rest of eternity?

Sarah: Vampire Weekend (or “vamp weeks” as she puts it)
Dylan: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Favorite planet??

Sarah’s fav planet is Earth.
Dylan’s a fan of Tattoine (although idk why because it’s all sand and dust).

Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

Sarah: Cam’s (“!!!!”)
Dylan: Mark’s (“no contest” )

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