DJ Profiles — Peter Hammel

Meet Peter, one of our WHWS DJs!

What is he studying?

Peter is a double major in Music and Writing & Rhetoric.

Where is he from?

Arlington, Massachusetts is his hometown.

What class year is he?

Peter is a SENIOR and will be graduating in 2018!!

Astrological Sign???

While Peter is a Pisces — a cool, creative water sign — his proximity to the fire sign Aries makes him stubborn and surprisingly competitive.

When’s his show, and what’s it called?

For all you Night Owls, Peter’s show “This Is Happening” airs every Thursday @ 11pm!

What’s his show all about?

When asked for a brief overview of his radio show, Pete responded, “I play, and this is definitely happening.”

What would he have written on his tombstone?

“Bowie made an album about him dying so no one can really out do that, right?”

What 1 artist would he listen to for the rest of eternity?

Peter wisely chose LCD Soundsystem.

Favorite planet??

“Uranus.” Classic.

Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

“Mark’s, but only at like 1am.”

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