DJ Profiles — Jane & Lex

Meet two of our lovely WHWS DJs, Jane Lawrence & Lex Jones!
What are they studying? 
Jane is majoring Psychology and Education, but her minor is still “Undecided.”
Lex is majoring in Media and Society.
Where are they from?
Jane hails from Lexington, Massachusetts.
Lex is from from Saratoga, New York.
Both DJs are first year students at HWS and plan to graduate in 2021.
Astrological Signs???
Jane is a Pisces — and probably worried right now.
Lex is a ~moody~ Cancer.
When’s their show, and what’s it called?
Thursday at 6 p.m. tune in to hear their radio show, “Jex”!
What’s their show all about?
“Jex” (a clever combination of Jane + Lex) features weekly themes that range from movie soundtracks, to hits from past decades, to seasonal music!
What would they have written on their tombstones?
Jane: “Can I get a second chance?”
Lex: “At least I tried.”
What 1 artist would they listen to for the rest of eternity?
Jane: Tom Petty or Led Zeppelin
Lex: Nothing More
Favorite planet??
Jane: Pluto, because it’s misunderstood
Lex: Pluto because he’s small and trying
Cam’s or Mark’s? 🍕🍕🍕

Both: Mark’s

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