WHWS DJ Interns with Sony Music Entertainment

Recently student DJ Matt DiCostanzo was featured in the HWS Update to discuss his internship at Sony Music Entertainment in New York City. As many of us know, Sony Music Entertainment is responsible for very big labels that have given us huge stars and a lot of good music. Some of these labels include RCA Records, Columbia Records and Epic Records which have been home to many great artists.

“I talked in length during my interviews for Sony about how having a radio show means having an awareness for your audience and what you might think they want to hear. I’ve always been interested in music culture, and how people respond to different sounds and trends.” DiCostanzo told us about his internship and how it related to radio.

As a student on the WHWS radio station, this is a huge deal. DiCostanzo gets to work in the royalty department of the company and learn about various trends in the pop music industry.


DiCostanzo told the HWS Update “You don’t really see the work that goes behind the music we all know and love” talking about the kind of work that goes on behind the scenes of music that make it big. DiCostanzo is able to get an inside look at the everyday music that we hear on big radio stations or that become most popular on streaming services.

“This internship is valuable in the sense that it will teach me about that work.” DiCostanzo explains how much this internship has taught him and how grateful he is for the opportunity to get some insight on such an influential company in the music business. 

We like to think that Matt’s skills as a DJ on WHWS helped him prepare to have a sense of the ever changing music industry in his current work for Sony!


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