Checking in with Erica Randazzo, HWS ’15


By Jordan Raivel ’20

While in New York City this past March for the IBS Conference, members of the radio staff had the fortunate opportunity of meeting and catching up with WHWS alum Erica Randazzo, William Smith Class of 2015. As an Economics and History double major with a minor in Russian Area Studies, Randazzo currently works at a global law firm in New York City as an attorney support team leader. Over her four years at the Colleges, Randazzo played on the William Smith soccer team, contributed to both The Martini and The Aleph, was the co-creator and coach of the Randazzles intramural soccer team, a “frequent buyer of Wegmans mac n’ cheese”, and the WHWS station manager during her senior year.

Randazzo says that although she wishes her decision to join radio her sophomore year was the product of a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, it was her “sincere love of music”. She feels that participating in college radio, both as a DJ on-air and as a station manager, provided skills that she can translate into her current work. Discussing the public speaking capabilities she gained, Randazzo told us: “after my first couple shows I stopped being so nervous and got better at ‘doing radio’. I talked more between each song set, and slower.” She related further that her experience in the leadership role of station manager, specifically organizing the radio schedule and students, “seamlessly fit into [her] team leader role at a global law firm”.

Almost two years after leaving HWS, Randazzo has visited, describing it as a “bittersweet” experience. “After such an intense four years” she says, “it’s hard to imagine other people sitting on that lake bench or eating at that Saga table, but alas there they were sitting and eating”. Randazzo added that while she aims to attend graduate school in the future and perhaps reprise her role as a DJ, Geneva and HWS will always have a special place in her heart.

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