How Nora Abramov, HWS ’16, Found Her Future


Looking for a reason to join WHWS radio? Hobart and William Smith (HWS) alum Nora Abramov can name more than a few! Earlier this week, we reached out to Abramov to discover her favorite WHWS pastimes and learn how the radio has helped her since graduating.

Abramov stumbled upon the radio during her time at HWS when looking for a way to make money – and it turned out to be a great fit. “When I walked into WHWS, my motive was to get a job on campus so I could make some extra cash,” she revealed through Facebook. “WHWS was looking for a newscaster, so I decided to email Greg Cotterill to inquire more about the position. Greg immediately responded with open doors.”

Lucky for Abramov, her search for extra cash helped her find her calling. “Little did I know, this job on campus turned into a passion and completely influenced the direction I have decided to pursue,” she wrote. “It was after my first day at WHWS that I decided I was going to become a journalist. I fell in love with sharing stories and current events with people.”

In addition to studying Public Policy and Economics at HWS, Abramov volunteered at Habitat for Humanity and was a career ambassador for Career Services. “Most of my time was spent reporting the news for WHWS,” she wrote.

However, HWS was not a breeze for Abramov. She found the first two years of college to be difficult until she found her niche with WHWS. “Truth be told, college was not a walk in the park for me… I was extremely unmotivated during freshman and sophomore year – I would go through the required motions of going to class and doing my homework but it was all very nonchalant.”

Once she stepped foot into the WHWS studio, though, Abramov knew what she wanted to do. “Things started falling into place during the end of sophomore year after I joined WHWS and solidified my career path,” she explained. “I would always answer ‘successful’ when people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up but I never knew in what way. After realizing my dream of becoming a journalist, I became very driven and motivated to achieve all of these goals and dreams I set for myself.”

When asked about the atmosphere of WHWS, Abramov recalled how perfect the studio was as a place to relax and feel at home. “WHWS has always been a place where I could decompress. The atmosphere encouraged creativity and it was overall a very peaceful place to be.”

This past October, Abramov visited HWS and made sure to check in at the radio. “WHWS was my first stop [when I visited] – Greg even let me do my regular newscast while I was there. The homely atmosphere was just as I remembered it.”

Nora Abramov, HWS ’16, works at her desk.

What is Abramov up to now? Well, she is living in New York City as a Production Assistant at CNN – and she could not be happier. Her position entails working directly with producers and executives to create content for the CNN channel.

She also explained their newest project and her excitement at getting more involved in the reporting process.  “I am currently working on a new five-part docu-series set to premiere on CNN this fall,” Abramov wrote. “One of the episodes in the series centers in on the prevalent heroin and opioid epidemic in New Hampshire. We’ve been researching this story for over a month and next week I finally get to travel to New Hampshire to help field produce the episode.”

In the field, Abramov looks forward to conducting interviews, gathering research, and getting hands-on experience with the documentary process. “This is the first story I’ve worked on for CNN where I actually get to travel to the field and help bring a story to life. This is above any expectation I’ve had and to be living it out is an absolute dream come true. To say I enjoy it is an understatement!”

Down the road, Abramov is excited to continue growing as a journalist and “a truth-teller.”

“I believe journalists have a critical obligation to bring forth consequential issues impacting our world,” she wrote. “I hope to continue shedding light on these important issues and to never take advantage of this responsibility. In addition to producing content, I hope to one day transition over to on-air reporting.”

Even with so much going on, Abramov still values the time she spent at WHWS and hopes to continue visiting. “I look forward to many more visits back to WHWS and hopefully Greg will still let me do my newscast… even when I’m 50!”

Thank you for taking the time to share your WHWS experience, Nora. We will keep an eye out for you around campus!

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