Molly Burch, Please Be Mine!


If you’re a fan of Angel Olsen or Tennis, you’ve just found your newest obsession. Molly Burch’s mesmerizing debut, Please Be Mine, is out February 17th on Captured Tracks. Recorded in the space of one day, Please Be Mine features ten fantastic songs. Burch’s voice effortlessly complements the album’s dreamy instrumentals. While the album is more traditional than Angel Olsen’s My Woman, there isn’t one moment that feels stale. It’s as if Olsen were to lend her smoky vocals to the throwback sounds of a Tennis album. If these are unfamiliar frames of reference for you(you should make them familiar), just transpose your favorite lady singer of the 1950s into a modern indie band.

I would highly recommend listening to the album’s opening track, “Downhearted.” While there isn’t a bad track on this album, “Downhearted” is sublime. As Burch’s voice swells on this track, you’ll find it’s difficult to not fall in love with her. “Please Forgive Me” is another one of the album’s stronger tracks. While lyrically heartbreaking, you’ll find yourself swaying to the ethereal instrumentals. Do yourself a favor, listen to this album.

Robert George ’19

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