WHWS Featured Artist-Steven Graves

From: StevenGravesMusic.com

This is honest American roots music. They are compelling, beautifully crafted, and fully realized songs. It’s just really good. – Dennis McNally | Grateful Dead Publicist

American roots based singer-songwriter Steven Graves‘ first professional full-length release was in 2010. It was aptly entitled, Make A New World. That first album title foretold much of what has unfolded in the last seven years in Steven’s life and artistic career. Steven’s music and worldview are always grounded in assessing who we are and how we can make for a better world for ourselves and each other. As his first few album names divulged, Making a New World is but a Matter of Time for Steven Graves.

Graves describes his musical journey as, “A spiritual path of self-discovery founded with authenticity and purpose.” While Graves music defies any one genre, he merges country with folk and rock very much like the Southern California singer-songwriters of the late 60s and early 70s which included the Eagles, Graham Parsons, Jackson Browne and so many others.

The new CD is called Captain Soul.  Tune into WHWS 105.7 FM near the top of the hour to hear great American roots music!



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