DJ Profile — Kelly Kenlon!


Name: Kelly Kenlon

Class year: 2018

Show name/time: Peanut Butter Kelly Time/ Wednesday’s @ 8 (listen up)

Show description: Me, sitting in the back of Scandling talking to my fans about my day

Majors/minors: English/Media and Society

Favorite heavy rotation song/album: Is Chance’s “Coloring Book” considered heavy rotation?

What would you have written on your tombstone?: it’s been super real”

Hogwarts house?: Hufflepuff- hear me out. Gryffindor, there’s way too much pressure. Ravenclaw is for nerds. And Slytherin is evil. So who wins? Hufflepuff.

If you had to wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?: White converse high tops (I’m wearing them right now) (and I would for the rest of my life)

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