Teaganne Finn, HWS ’17, Springboards from WHWS to Investigative Journalism

By Laurel Brown


This past weekend I had the pleasure of catching up with esteemed Hobart and William Smith (HWS) graduate and notable WHWS radio alum Teaganne Finn. Finn graduated from HWS in May of 2016 after majoring in Writing and Rhetoric and minoring in Media and Society. In addition to spending hours in the WHWS studio prerecording newscasts for the week, Finn was the Editor in Chief of The Odyssey as well as a coordinator for Geneva Heroes, a local community service and outreach program. “I would say in college I was driven and passionate about my Writing and Rhetoric major. I liked to have fun on the weekends and I was studious during the week,” Finn revealed.

Although she is a recent graduate, I reached out to give Finn the opportunity to reflect on her time at HWS and her involvement in WHWS radio. “WHWS definitely impacted me during my college years. I became passionate about journalism through [my] newscasts every week,” she said. Finn fostered her love for journalism and media through her work at WHWS, and she regarded her time spent in the studio as pleasant and constructive. The radio allowed her to explore different mediums of reporting and gain exposure to public communication during her exploration of the news realm.

For Finn, WHWS was a preliminary taste of the world of journalism, while she was also busy experiencing college and preparing for the career choices she would soon have to make. “Working for WHWS definitely was an enjoyable and amazing learning experience… I’m glad I had those vocal skills [from WHWS] during my first few weeks of class [in graduate school].” That’s right – Finn is now in graduate school. Directly after earning her degree from HWS, Finn enrolled at American University in Washington, D.C. “I am in the School of Communications studying Journalism and I concentrate in Investigative Journalism,” she said.

Finn has begun to make a name for herself as a reporter and journalist on-the-rise, grabbing opportunities as they come her way and working hard to learn all she can in preparation for a life dedicated to revealing the news. “This semester I am working on the Investigative Team at the Washington Post as an intern and I am interning at Reporters Without Borders in the D.C. office,” Finn said. No doubt the access to and support from WHWS only prepared Finn further for her intense future of researching, investigating, and writing.

Looking forward to the rest of the spring semester, Finn’s busy schedule only leaves room for more excitement and passion in both the classroom and the newsroom. Her prestigious internship positions speak true to her dedicated, hardworking nature. Finn’s recollection of the constructive times she spent at WHWS is a testimony to the passion she invested in the organization and the experience the radio provided her with. WHWS wishes you the best of luck, Teaganne!


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