You Could Be The Next Radio Star!

WHWS 105.7 & WEOS 89.5, the college’s radio stations, will be holding an informational meeting at 7pm in The Geneva Room (new location) on September 6, 2016. WHWS is an inclusive environment for students who are interested in hosting their own hour-long radio shows. Everyone is welcome, and no previous experience is needed. In the past, students have had shows focusing on a variety of music such as Electronic, Alt Rock, Classic Rock, a dedication to the Grateful Dead, etc. Students have also hosted their own talk shows and sports broadcasting programs. Please feel free to stop by the station (next to the post office!) to ask any questions. We we also be at the involvement expo that is hosted on the quad on Friday September 9th.  Keep a lookout for us as we will be giving away free t-shirts and stickers!

Rock On,
Kayla Jones ’17,
Ethan Mattos ’17,
Maddie MacDowell ’18,
Robert George ’19,
Austin Kennie ’19
​WHWS Staff

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