DJ PROFILE: Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos

Name(s): Kayla Jones & Ethan Mattos
Show Name: Secret Strawberry
Show Time: Thursdays @ 9 PM
Class Year: 2017
Destroyed my suite’s carpet for this tapestry.
Favorite Genre:
Ethan – Alternative
Kayla – “Anything quiet and melancholy.” 
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Ethan: In The Lonely Hour – Sam Smith
Kayla: Sound & Color – Alabama Shakes
Other Involvements on Campus:
Ethan: Chi Phi, Concert Committee, Ultimate Frisbee, Assistant to the Music Director aka Sillicat
Kayla: Randazzles Soccer Co-Captain, Human Rights and Genocide Symposium, WHWS Promotions Director, SJSP Cohort, Fieldhouse Employee (catch me at the gym setting up tennis courts for hours)

What is your favorite word?
Ethan: “Obligatory.”
Kayla: “Clandestine.”
What is your least favorite word?
Ethan: “Flume.”
Kayla: “Crick.”
What would you want your tombstone to say?
Ethan: “I’ve made a huge mistake.”
Kayla: “Hasta, Cutie Cats.”
How would you describe your show?
Ethan: “Actually heinous (Shia LaBeouf) but maintaining a fun & festive balance.”
Kayla: “Sad music occasionally ft. the plethora of bizarre bands and rappers from my suburban high school.” 
What’s your animal spirit?
Ethan: “Walrus.”
Kayla: “A fox.”

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