DJ PROFILE: Wyatt Pearson & Maddie MacDowell

Name(s): Maddie MacDowell & Wyatt Pearson
Show Name: Skyspace
Day of Show: Monday @ 5 PM

Class Year: Maddie – 2018, Wyt – 2017

Favorite Genre: Maddie – Alternative, Wyt – EDM

Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: Maddie – “The Perfect Life by Moby,” Wyt – “Sam Smith, In The Lonely Hour”

Other Involvements on Campus: Maddie – Art History Society, Arts Collective, Women’s Collective, William Smith Congress, Seneca Flyers Frisbee, Days of Service Club, Thel, and any other clubs / extracurriculars that I can participate. Wyt – “Blank”

 Favorite Word: Maddie: “‘Sonder’ for Emma Link of WHWS’s THE Looking Glass (go ahead and google it, or better yet, go find Emma Link and ask her) or ‘stellar’.” Wyt: “Jelly.”

Least Favorite Word: Maddie: “Innuendo” Wyt: “Gelatin.” 

What would you want your tombstone to say?
Maddie: “Here lies the victim of a tragic hoverboard accident.”

Wyt: “Wyatt Earp.”

How would you describe your show?
Maddie: “We’re two kids who really dig the film ‘Labyrinth’. The rest of the show just sort of fills itself in from there.”

Wyt: “As if Hillary Clinton and R. Kelly had a child, and he had a radio show.”

What is your animal spirit?
Maddie: “I’m going to say… a baby giraffe that doesn’t quite have a handle on being able to walk yet.”
Wyt: “Probably, like, a cross between a monkey and a whale.”

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