DJ PROFILE: Charles Gaglione & Paige Davidson

They synchronized sleeve rolled and it was amazing. 
Name(s): Charles Gaglione & Paige Davidson
Show Name: Late Nite Snack (the OG)
Show Time: Thursdays @ 10 PM
Class Year: 2016

Favorite Genre:
Paige – Chill
Charles – Rock / Blues / Jazz / Alternative

Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: 
Paige: Volcano Choir
Charles: Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys

Other Involvements on Campus:
Paige: Habitat for Humanity, PARTYING
Charles: HEAR, Sigma Chi, Music, Randazzles Soccer Alternative Goalie

What is your favorite word?
Paige: “Philogrobalized, an old English word with for meaning.”
Charles: (Charles’s favorite word is too inappropriate for a college radio blog, you’ll have to ask him yourself)

What is your least favorite word?
Paige: “Yams, just sounds unappealing.”
Charles: (Charles’s least favorite word is also too innapropro for a rad blog, you’ll have to ask him and be warned it’s super gross)

What would you want your tombstone to say?
Charles: “Yippee – ki yay”

How would you describe your show?
Paige: “Chill. Fun tunes. One word responses from Paige. Absolutely riveting. Yay. :)”
Charles: “It’s simply indescribable.”

What’s your animal spirit?
Paige: People have told me otter – but I like seahorses.
Charles: I like bears.
Together: We are seabear.

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