Name(s): Emma Link
Show Name: The Looking Glass

Class Year: 2015 (Alumna!)

Favorite Genre: 70’s Radio Hits // Indie Rock

Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: “There used to be one called “Tom Selleck’s Moustache”. THEY RULE.”

Other Involvements on Campus:

EcoReps, Women’s Collective, Writing Colleague

Favorite Word: “Susurrus (the rustling of trees) b/c it sounds like actual trees.”

Least Favorite Word: “Panties (UGH)”

What would you want your tombstone to say?

“So Be Afraid! And then do it anyway!”

How would you describe your show?

“Your dad’s favorite songs. Oh, and mine.”

What is your animal spirit?

“FOX. (Specifically Garth from Wayne’s World singing “Foxy Lady”)”

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