WHWS April Happenings

Our first event in April was the Arts Experience Gala, which wrapped up the two weeks of Arts Festival workshops. There were numerous performances, a movement choir, and a silent disco DJed by WHWS members Tyler Fuller, Jeremiah Piersante, Ethan Mattos, and Kayla Jones.

Virginia DeWees ’16 interviews Geneva second graders
during her Live in Scandling show.
Tyler Fuller ’18 and Jeremiah Piersante ’18 pose with Jeremiah Iheoma, Canadaigua fifth grader and author of My Super Life With Autism.

Students in Professor Derek Ford’s “Community Research” class came together with members of the Allegheny ARC to produce this underwater mural during the ArtsFest “Day in the Life” workshop. 
Ethan Mattos ’17 and Kayla Jones ’17 sit with the
winning sculpture from the Gala.
Megan Mohney ’15 dances with members of the ARC.
Members of Prof. Cadence Whittier’s dance classes pair with Hillside Children Center students to get the crowd engaged in human sculptures.
Jeremiah Piersante ’18 announces the end of the silent disco.
The following Thursday was #HWSday, in which students, faculty, staff, and alum take to social media to post all about the Colleges. WHWS took to the Scandling Center to blast some tunes and handout gift certificates to the Pub and Cafe. WHWS DJs included Maddie MacDowell, Wyatt Pearson, Michael Jacobs, Grace Bugbee, Erica Randazzo, Kayla Jones, Kelly Kenlon, and Ethan Mattos. 
Station Manager Erica Randazzo ’15 and Promotions
Director Kayla Jones ’17 hand out prizes during their Live
in Scandling show.
Alex Feighan ’16 wins one of the gift certicates to the Cafe.

Nicole Harrington ’17 (That’s What She Said
Mondays @ 7) and Clare McCormick ’17
(Get There! Fridays @ 5) express their love for
#HWSday over the air.
Megan Ross ’17 (That’s What She Said  Mondays @ 7) reminisces
about #HWSdays past. (Check her twitter for the best #HWSday
tweets @MEG_usta)
Kelly Kenlon ’18, Ethan Mattos ’17, Kayla Jones ’17, and Erica Randazzo ’15 DJ the 1-2 block.
Maddie MacDowell ’18 and Wyatt Pearson ’17 take over Scandling for the 10-11 block.
Clare McCormick ’17 and Megan Ross ’17 hang with the
colleges founders William Smith and Bishop Hobart.
WHWS staff is super stoked about #HWSday.

Happy April!

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