DJ PROFILE: Virginia DeWees

Name(s): Virginia DeWees
Show Name: “Virginia State of Mind”
Show Time: Fridays 11-1 in the Scandling Center

Class Year: William Smith 2016

Favorite Genre: Alternative Folk
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: Ra Ra Riot
Other Involvements on Campus: “Pride Alliance, WS Deans Office.” 

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?

“Mayonnaise b/c I hate it more than death.”

What would you 

want your tombstone to say?

“Be what you be and all that you are.

…. and she did.”

How would you describe your show?

“Cultivating smiles via jamtastic tunes during the hours of midday grub on the finest day of the week.”

What is your animal spirit?
“Stevie Nicks.”

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