DJ PROFILE: Nicole Harrington & Megan Ross

Name(s): Nicole Harrington & Megan Ross
Show: That’s What She Said (on Mondays @ 7)
Class Year: 2017
Favorite Genre: “KANYE WEST OKAY?!?!”
Favorite Heavy Rotation Album: “Call Security’s album!! HWS REPRESENT!!!”
Other Involvements on Campus: “Swaggin’ out in Nikki’s Buick named Ders!!”

What is your favorite word?

“Sweg – perfectly embodies us.”

What is your least favorite word?
Megan: “Morton’s, like the steakhouse.”
Nikki: “Ariana Grande (just because)”

What would you want your tombstone to say?
Megan: “Is this thing on??”
Nikki: “I’m so self conscious, thats why you always see me (buried) with at least once of my watches” -Kanye West

How would you describe your show?
“INSANITY, giggles, obscure song facts/ funny anecdotes.”

What is your animal spirit?

Nicole: Bison (obviously)

Megan: Sea Otter

Catch them cruising through campus (listening to WHWS obvi) in Ders

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