WHWS is Streaming Again!!

We are still working to settle into our new home in the Scandling Center.   In the rush to move out of the house, the number one priority was to stay on the air.  Our sister station WEOS was off the air for about 30 minutes on the weekend of the move.  WHWS was off from Friday afternoon (7/25) to Monday afternoon (7/28).   

Both stations share the same room for now.   The new studio with new equipment will come later this fall.  Tours will be able to look from in front of the Post Office and see the new studios through the large glass window. (The vending machines currently block the window, they will soon be moved).

The soon to be studio

 The temporary set-up. Nolan and Russell installing microphones today!

WEOS has been streaming for the past couple of weeks.  The WHWS stream went back on today.

All students, new and returning DJ’s will have to be trained again on equipment.   More on that coming up at our meeting on Tuesday September 9th.

It’s going to be different than the old house, but when it’s all completed it will be one new sleek mothership!

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