Student Profiles: SYDNEY GOMEZ

Sydney Gomez
“Live with Syd”
Class: First Year
Favorite Genre?
“All Music- I can’t pick just one!”
Fav HR Album?
“AM” – Arctic Monkeys
Other involvements on campus?
Sankofa & American Reads
How would you describe your show?
“It’s a little piece of me, I’m sharing with the listeners.”
Live with Syd is on Thursdays @ 8 PM!

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  1. I like listening to a radio station that makes you feel closely-knit to the DJ. It makes you feel that he/she is really attending to your queries and not just simply blasting music off for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes you just need a listening ear but not from your close friends or family due to privacy concerns. Therefore, a show like the one with Sydney is something up-close and personal.

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