Live at Scandling!

 Live at the Scandling Center lived up to its name this Friday, bringing in a musical act to support the live shows of DJs Megan Silverstein and Virginia DeWess. The band, Linus in the Sapphire, was comprised of pianist and vocalist Laura Fisher and guitarist, vocalist Mike Britt. Playing a brand of spacey pop reminiscient of bands such as Radiohead and the Flaming Lips the group rocked the colleges with two short sets. Supported by Pablo Falbru, founder of the United Geneva Collective, on the mixing board; the center was pulsing with a great energy. Linus in the Sapphire’s first EP, Free Sleep, has just dropped and copies can be had by checking out their website. WHWS was lucky enough to receive a copy, and this can be heard at choice times over the airwaves in upcoming weeks. Best of luck to the band in their upcoming tour with dates in Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Ithaca. Here are some pictures from the event:

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