Swingle Singers Return To The Smith!

Inspired by music from 50 years of Swingle history and contemporary artists, the Swingle Singers continue to push the boundaries with their versions of classic songs.

This new show features music by trendsetting British bands Elbow and Mumford and Sons, as well as audience favourites by Björk, the Beatles, Bach, and many others. With their breathtaking new arrangements, haunting harmonies and epic beats, the current lineup of the Swingles bring an energy that’s new, contemporary, and relevant. Their message: Don’t reinvent the wheel, reinvent the feel!

After half a century, the Swingle Singers are still at the cutting edge of a cappella. With 50 albums, five Grammy Awards, and more than 4000 performances, they’re better than ever. The Swingle Singers invite you to celebrate this landmark year with them!
Canandaigua Magazine article on the Swingle Singers Concert.
The Swingle Singers Homepage.
See them at the Smith Opera House Friday, March 1st at 7:30, Pre-Concert Talk at 6:30pm.
Ticket information at www.thesmith.org

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