David Bowie fans have long wondered if the singer will ever return, and now the man who gave the world “Ziggy Stardust” has broken his decade-long silence. To mark the occasion of his 66th birthday , Bowie released “Where Are We Now?” on Tuesday.

The track is the lead single off his upcoming first album in ten years, “The Next Day.”
The song and accompanying music video offer a somber, nostalgic vibe that’s pleased a number of critics. The Evening Standard called the track “stunningly beautiful,” while the Telegraph went even further, describing the “lush, stately, [and] beautifully strange” single as “the most surprising, perfect and welcome comeback in rock history.”

The song is available for purchase in iTunes, and “The Next Day” — which is available for a pre-order on iTunes — is due in stores in March. WHWS plans to grab the record in March and feature it on air – Stay tuned!

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