Finals (Are Over) Playlists!

Some of your favorite WHWS DJ’s were asked to compile a list of songs that either 1) got them through finals when the going got tough or 2) heralded the end of the dreaded finals period. Here’s what they came up with! (Also, be sure to follow the links to their Facebook fan pages and like them to keep updated with your favorite WHWS DJ’s!)

Matt Mclean and Timothy Laberge (Two Uncreative Guys)

So What-Miles Davis
Blue Ronda a la Turk-The Dave Brubeck Quartet
California Stars-Wilco
Herion-The Velvet Underground

Erica Randazzo (Alphabet Soup)

Thrown Right at Me – The Tallest Man on Earth
Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich
Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore
Love Song for No One – John Mayer

Lynda Starr (The Lynda Starr Show: Pop Diva Extraordinaire)

Mary Mary – Can’t Give Up Now
Ne-Yo – Better Today
Mary J. Blige – Just Fine
Des’Ree – You Gotta Be
Beyonce – Party/End of Time (after finals)

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