WHWS Broadcasts Live From Barnburner Tailgate and Fall Nationals

Meg brought the music to the Barn Burner Tailgate Party

Teams got ready at the top of the hill
Official line up of 7 cars
The race is on!
Among the heated rivalries was one between 2011 champion and Chi Phi brother MarshallKeeton’14 and Hobart Dean Eugen Baer HON’07, P’95, P’97, a previous Fall Nationals winner who Keeton narrowly defeated last year. In the end, team “Young Savage,” driven by Sigma Phi brother Samuel Bowen ’15, defeated both to claim the 2012 title.

Before the race all talk was about the Baer/Keeton rivalry.

“He’s a formidable foe,” Baer said of Keeton, who is also currently a student in his Semiotics class. “He showed his expertise in building a car last year so I’m anticipating a real tight race.”

“I am definitely coming back to this race to win again,” said Keeton before careening downhill. “I’m very competitive in everything I do and am hoping to walk away in first again this year.”

Also among the competitors returning from last year was Andrew Berlanga ’14, who went “flying” down the hill driving a car he and roommate, Andrew Zenger ’14, built using a water jug and wood to create an airplane design. “The best thing about Fall Nationals is the atmosphere. It makes for a very enjoyable afternoon,” said Zenger.

Baer is quite possibly the longest-running competitor in the race, having been at Fall Nationals for six consecutive years (although present, he missed the actual race one year because his car did not arrive from the farm in time). He is also the oldest competitor in the race each year, something he says is part of what he enjoys about the tradition.
“It is really great fun to be here and to see old and young have a great time at it together,” he said.

Six teams of Hobart men competed in the race; William Smith was represented by Julia Leavitt ’13, who represented the William Smith Rugby team. Julia- a Saturday morning replacement for a missing fellow rugby team member and driver-crashed on the hills top turns.  She got help from HWS photographer Kevin Colton, and then is was smooth ride to the finish line…with a push from Dean Baer.

Then it was right to the radio for a post race interview to explain the crash and how William Smith racers will continue to compete in future Fall National races.
The race was ultimately claimed by the “Young Savage” team and Bowen, who had a dominant last round. “I was a little bit nervous about the first run,” explained Christopher Shiver ’14 of his teammate. “But once Bowen pulled away I was feeling confident and knew we would win.” The entire team was boisterous and exhilarated upon winning and carried the car around with Bowen still inside and sang “We are the Champions.” 

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