DEV Interview at the Smith Opera House

Singer/Songwriter DEV rocked the Smith Opera House Saturday night as she performed her string of chart-topping, club-savvy hits including Bass Down Low, In the Dark, Booty Bounce(which is sampled in Far East Movement’s ‘Like A G6’), and Kiss My Lips featuring Fabolous. The electropop diva brought her California swag all the way to Geneva, NY as she made the crowd work up a sweat with her bass-infused singles off of her album, The Night the Sun Came Up. DJ Excel, DEV’s personal DJ, also warmed up the audience as DEV graced the stage. 
Check out the fun interview below and see what DEV had to say about her diverse musical style, her family influences and more!
1.    When did you first discover your passion for music?
As far back as I can remember I’ve loved music. My parents raised me to have a love and respect for a bunch of different genres. I also studied music in school, I was in band and choir for years. It was when I met The Cataracs in 2008 that I finally felt I could make my love for music a profession. But it goes way, way back. 
2.    You have an eclectic sound that’s a mixture of Pop, Hip-Hop, Dance and Electro. What helped you broaden your understanding of music?
Like I said, my parents! They bought me Eminem albums, No Doubt, Dr. Dre, Nirvana, etc., all growing up. I was hooked. I loved it all. 
3.    How did the concept for “In the Dark” come about?
‘In the Dark’ was made in Costa Rica with The Cataracs. I wanted to make a swaggful sexy record. I was feeling sexy that day and wanted to express that. I started my career by making music w my guy friends and singing on their records, so I finally wanted to make a song for the girls! 
4.    You’ve worked with some of the hottest talent in the industry including Chris Brown, New Boyz, Fabolous and 2 Chainz. Who’s been your favorite artist to work with so far and why?
2 Chainz killed it! Travis Barker, David Guetta. But Timbaland was amazing. I worked w him 3 or 4 days in a row and he was really helpful in teaching me the ropes, I was there with my friends, it was awesome! 
5.    What inspired your debut album, The Night The Sun Came Up?
I wanted to express my “rags to almost riches” small town girl turns artist/singer. It was my fairy tale album. Hence the fairy tale like cover idk lol. 
6.    Who else would you like to work with? Is there a future collaboration in the works?
Karen O would be rad. I mean, the more people I work with the more comfortable I get with myself and my craft, so we’ll see! 
7.    You also appeared on MTV2’s Hip-Hop Squares recently. How was that experience? Would you consider doing acting or more TV appearances?
It was crazy! Everyone was so funny [laughs]!! I like doing TV appearances; I’d be down to do more. 
8.    What else can current and new fans alike expect from DEV? Any projects you and The Cataracs are currently working on?
I’m working on a new album. A bunch of new sounds and visuals. I’m growing and changing as a person and so is my music. It’s fun! 
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