Decemberists Received Grammy Nod!!


The Decemberists have been nominated for two Grammys.

The lead singer and guitarist for the Portland band is Colin Meloy. He says he was sitting on his sofa at home, hanging out with his kids, when he got a text about the nominations.

His song, “Down By The Water,” was nominated for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. He says he had to parse out what the difference might be between the song and the performance. But, he says it’s awesome to be nominated — and a little surprising.

“This is our first time being nominated and to be honest the bands that I loved growing up were never nominated. So I always had it in my mind that the Grammys were a different kind of music altogether. Almost speaking a different language.”

Meloy says he liked bands like The Smiths and Husker Du when he was young.

Also nominated for the categories were: Coldplay, the Foo Fighters, Mumford & Sons, Radiohead.

The awards will be given out Febuary 12th.

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