HWS / IDEA Round Robin DEBATE Broadcast on WHWS TONIGHT!

Tonight at 7:00pm, WHWS will re-air the final round of the HWS / IDEA Round Robin Debate from the previous weekend. Tune in if you missed the debate the first time around!

The finalist debate teams were from:

  • University of Toronto
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Oxford University

Debate topics are not released to the teams until 15 minutes before the debate begins, and no electronic research is allowed once the topic is released.   The final debate’s topic was: This house believes that whenever individuals have a choice between spending their money on luxuries or donating it to ameliorating suffering, morality demands donating.

Tune in for an entertaining and intense debate!  Or, you can download audio of the debate from the WEOS Jukebox, too.

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  1. Sure must have been very entertaining debate, the issue of ethics and morality is a matter of all but those principles to recognize right and wrong. The bad and good, what helps and what hurts, their own good or the common good.

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