Are you a huge fan of HWS Sports?
Do you love listening to our radio coverage of HWS Sports??
Then send us a testimonial today!!!

What’s a testimonial?  It’s a short (20 seconds) audio description of how great you think WHWS’s coverage of HWS sports is.  We  air them as promos during our regular broadcasts!

Show your love of HWS sports and your support of WHWS coverage of sports today: record a testimonial!

  1. Call Aaron Read at (315) 781-3811.  If he doesn’t answer, you can record your testimonial right to his voicemail.   It’s actually easier for us to pull audio off the voicemail!
  2. Tell us your name and contact info before the actual testimonial part.  This is only in case we need to get in touch with you about the testimonial.
  3. The testimonial must be 20 seconds or less.  Otherwise we may edit it for time.
  4. You don’t have to include your name in the testimonial if you don’t want to.
  5. You do need to tell us where you listen, either city/state or region of the country.
  6. And tell us which sport(s) you listen to, too!
  7. Keep it FCC-friendly but otherwise you can say whatever you like!
  8. Gushing praise for Ted Baker, Joe Lasky and/or our student sportscasters is always appreciated.  🙂

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