New Music This Week: 2/20-26

What a crazy week preparing for midterms….but I must say what a GREAT week for music here at WHWS….

First Up: Modern Skirts “Gramahawk”
A fun and funky band introduces “Gramahawk”. The album is full of a range of styles but consists of deep beats with an indie and alternative flare. The guitar/drum combo mixed in with airy vocals and finally slight synth beats makes for a great listen on a day where “chill” is at the top of the ‘To-Do’ list.
3.5 Stars–> Check out “Jane Child”, “Happy 81” “Glass of Water”, and To Be Branch Davidian”.

Rollo Greb, “Rollo Greb”
A pretty unknown artist, however do not let that fool you. Pulling from old Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, and deep acoustics mixed in with beautiful lyrcis and vocals=a powerful soul album. Curl up into bed on a rainy day, and spin this. You will not be dissappointed.
3.5 Stars–> Check out “Stay”, “Flatland”.

Dum Dum Girls, “He MAkes Me High”
Anyone who knows the Dum Dum Girls, know these ladies can rock–and don’t apologize for it. In this EP the ladies are back with 60s Rock influences and straight forward lyrics. Long drive? Turn these ladies up.
3.5 Stars–> Check out “Wrong Feels Right”, “He Gets Me High”.

Headliner: Adele, “21”

Adele has returned for her second studion album “21”, and after her first album, “19” was so well recieved, fans have no reason to be dissapointed with “21”. Her soulful voice is enough to carry the album, but along with the R&B and 60s inspired beats the album is powerful and a MUST buy.
5 stars–> check out “Rolling in the Deep”, “Rumour Has It”, “Set Fire to the Rain”…aka the whole Album 🙂

Holley Maher, “Odd Place to Be”
Just because Ms. Maher is last on this list does not mean anything. Her song bird voice fits the
Indie and alternative elemnts of her music. A great sit down and listen to. Check it out!
4 Stars–> check out “Just Right”, “Edie’s Balcony”, “Always Be”, “Wrecking Ball”

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