New Music This Week! WOOOT! From the Music Director’s Corner…

“Mine is Yours”, Cold War KidsThe native Californian Indie Rock band released their third full length studio album. True to their Indie roots, the breath taking vocals of “Mine is Yours” is a culmination of deep and insightful lyrics paired with mellow beats and emotion evoking rhythms. Tracks like “Mine is Yours”, Finally Begin”, and “Broken Open” are three of all tracks revealing lyrical savvy and intellect.
Check it out! 5 stars most def…

“Backwards and Forwards”, Swoon
Swoon’s first debut, their album, is very laid back and full of floating rock pop lyrics with an angsty twist. They remind me of a very young Silversun Pickups, and with work, will probably grow into their sound a little more. However the album is still a good listen!
Check it out! 3/5 stars —->

“Kiss Each Other Clean”, Iron and Wine
Full of angsty vocals among funky, chill, Indie beats, “Kiss Each Other Clean” is a great album to sit back and listen to. Simple lyrics full of story telling, it seems that throughtout the whole album Samuel Beam has loads of things to tell us…or is it just a simple Cd to listen to? To find out, you’ll have to check it out.
Check it out! 4 Stars

More Music to come!


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