Rogue Satellite of DOOOOOM!!! (updated)

UPDATE: Monday Dec.20th.  The Public Radio Satellite System has announced that they have successfully deactivated Galaxy 15.  This means there is no risk of programming disruption anymore.

That’s no moon…

Actually this is not a joke.   WHWS gets its Radio Bilingue programming via a satellite called Galaxy 16.  Its sister satellite, Galaxy 15, lost all control several weeks ago…but it continues transmitting.  There is now good reason to believe Galaxy 15 will cross in front of Galaxy 16 over the Christmas weekend…causing Galaxy 16’s transmissions to be interrupted twice daily for a few hours at a time.

The good news is that for WHWS, we believe the interruptions will mostly be at times when we’re playing music locally instead of programming off the satellite.

But there will be a few times between Friday, Dec.24th to Tuesday, Dec. 28th, when we may have to substitute our regular alt-rock mix of music for the regularly-schedule Radio Bilingue programming.

Sorry for any hassle that may come from this.  Between the holidays and the nationwide impact of this “rogue satellite”, there’s not much alternative.

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