Boiled in Lead – FEATURED ARTIST!

Join us at The Smith Opera House on Saturday April 10th for Boiled in Lead! They’re also the WHWS Featured Artist – hear them every hour at the top of the hour from 11am – 12mid every day!


Rock’n’reel. Punk-folk. Country music from many countries… just some of the ways to describe this band. Boiled In Lead is fiddle, guitar, bass and drums with loads of power and emotion.

BiL are innovators in bringing “folk music” to rock audiences (and vice versa). The band’s many instrumental dance tunes incorporate global influences, rhythms, and melodies that are guaranteed to keep the feet moving. Original songs stick in the mind long after the concert is over. The players improvise freely yet stay in sync, playing a vital mix of original and traditional material. The group and the individual musicians have won over 20 Minnesota Music Awards, and toured throughout the US and in Europe.

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