FATSC Takes You Back to that First Kiss…

Today’s Fridays at the Scandling Cafe welcomes first-year Lindsay B. on her first FATSC shift and she scores a touchdown (hey, the Superbowl’s in two days, sue me) with the topic “Remember Your First Kiss?” – asked of friends and strangers alike as we had a good crowd in the lounge.

And proof that good music taste is not lost on the youth generation: someone requested Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and Lindsay had it on her laptop and promptly played it. Awesomeness.

Tune in again next Friday at 11am, or stop by the Scandling Student Center to say hi!

Or, if you want to join in the fun, contact PD Francesca Antonucci about being a FATSC DJ yourself!

Not that we don’t love Lindsay DJ’ing both hours every week, but she wants to do a regular airshift too and only has so many hours in the week! So nut up or shut up and SIGN up to be a FATSC DJ already!!!

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