Geneva High School hockey on WHWS

On Saturday, Dec.12th, WHWS kicks off its broadcast coverage of the Geneva H.S. Panthers ice hockey games – live from the Geneva Rec Center “Cooler”!

Most home games will be broadcast…here’s the schedule:

  • 12/12 Sat 15:00 vs Webster-Schroedor HS
  • 12/15 Tue 19:00 vs Victor HS
  • 12/17 Thu 20:00 vs Webster-Thomas HS Mike D’Amico Tourney
  • 12/19 Sat 15:00 vs TBD Mike D’Amico Tourney
  • 12/22 Tue 19:00 vs Batavia HS
  • 01/09 Sat 15:00 vs Brighton HS
  • 01/26 Tue 19:00 vs. Canandaigua Academy
  • 02/02 Tue 19:00 vs. Geneseo/Livionia

See also our sports page for more info about other sports WHWS broadcasts!

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