WHWS Website Breaks Leg at The Preakness. Google Sites Shoots It.

So Google Pages has been threatening to migrate our site to Google Sites for months, all while saying the migration would occur in June 2009. (ummmm…yeah) Then this week they migrated us with no warning, which promptly broke all our pages save for the homepage, which is in Blogger, not Google Pages.

So yeah, about 75% of our website is down while the General Manager who doesn’t really know web programming interim Webmaster tries to figure out a solution, because Google Sites sucks massive amounts of a$$ doesn’t allow javascript or CSS, so a lot of our key functionality (like the Community Calendar submission form) is broken.
Thanks, Google! Nice work on not being evil. Grrr….
In related news, WHWS could really use a new Webmaster who knows how to set up a site in WordPress or something like that. Something that allows editing in a WYSIWYG style with no knowledge of web coding required. Interested student volunteers who want to “own” a website with respectable traffic that we submit for awards (and will look good on a resume) should inquire to the General Manager, Aaron Read.
UPDATE 10/04: we migrated the static pages away from Google Pages and onto Weebly.com, so everything seems to work for the moment. We still need a real webmaster to design us a more coherent site, though.

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